Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Serving the Weber State University faculty and staff is a key part of WSU Campus Store's mission. Whether you need to place an online course material order or rent your commencement regalia, we want to be a partner in your success. To order office supplies for your department try our online ordering. They will be delivered to your office the next day.

Ordering Course Materials & Due Dates

ALL course materials & textbook ordering is done through your faculty/staff tab in the e-Weber portal.

  1. Login in to your e-Weber portal
  2. Under the 'Faculty' or 'Staff' tab, click on "Textbook Ordering".

Order Due Dates

  • March 1st for Summer Semester
  • April 1st for Fall Semester
  • October 1st for Spring Semester

 If you have any questions please contact us textbooks@weber.edu or ext. 8687.

Commencement Regalia

The Graduation Staff at WSU Campus Store is here to help you with your regalia and graduation needs. Each year there are two major ceremonies scheduled: Fall and Spring Commencement.


The rented regalia includes a standard black gown and the appropriate hood from your Alma mater. To guarantee exact hood colors place your order a minimum of SIX WEEKS before the ceremony. If you would like to RENT your regalia, please complete and submit the online form : Rental form


If you are buying you must make an appointment with our graduation staff for pricing and measurements. To guarantee your custom order please place your order a minimum of SIX WEEKS before the ceremony. If you would like to BUY your regalia, please contact Jason Nelson : jasonnelson@weber.edu or ext 8581.

Desk Copy

WSU Campus Store is unable to order a desk copy for instructors. Please feel free to contact the publisher directly:

Keeping Prices Low

It is a reality that the price of course materials is skyrocketing. According to a national survey, the #1 factor that affects a student's perception of the course book cost is how extensively the book is used in class.

There are many ways WSU Campus Store and faculty can work together to lower the overall cost for students. With technology becoming a major factor in academia, publishers are coming up with more ways to market this technology with their course books. Here are a few things we're currently doing keep prices low and a few tips for faculty on how to avoid high priced orders.


    Our textbook due dates comply with the HEOA and help secure the largest possible inventory of used books for students, saving them valuable dollars each semester. When we received adoption orders on time, this allows us to give our student the highest dollar value during buyback. It also allows us enough time to obtain more used books through our channel of vendors nationwide.

    Our staff proactively contacts faculty who order bundled texts to discuss alternate ordering options. Bundled books cost students more money than any other type of book order. Only new course books are included in bundles packaged by publishers so we can't offer used books. Furthermore, most bundled books are NOT eligible for buyback. Selling all pieces separately can really save students a great deal! By partnering with our faculty, we can save students the most money possible.

    While access to online study aids, interactive websites and ancillary CD's may add value to the overall learning experience for a student, they also add dollars to the original text. Bundling books creates a need for new textbooks so the WSU Campus Store is unable to offer used books in order to save students money.

    By lengthening the span of time you use a specific course book edition, you increase the percentage of used books we can purchase. The more used books we can supply for students, more students will benefit from the savings! It will also increase the value of that particular text in the buyback market from students at the end of each semester. A longer shelf life also increases the ability to rent books.

    If you plan on only using a few chapters or only pieces of a course book, consider the benefits of using custom packets as an alternative to the entire text. This will save money and lower the overall cost for students.

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