Textbook Rentals

Textbook Rentals



  1. Go to our Ogden or Davis Campus store and locate the textbook required for your class. Choose a new or used copy.
  2. Take that textbook over to our rental kiosk inside the store and scan it with one of our handheld devices by pointing the top of the device at the barcode while pressing the side or the "scan book" screen button. You will see a red light flash against the barcode.
  3. If the textbook you scanned is new, tap the "new" button to get the new condition rental cost. If the textbook is used, tap the "used" button to get the used rental cost.
  4. Take that textbook over to our rental staff and they will take care of the checkout process.
*Please note that not all titles will be available for rent. Don't forget to return the book to the store at the end of the semester!


  • Know the rental return date. Return the book on time to avoid a full purchase charge.
  • Keep the rental sticker on the book. This is how we check-in your rental when you return it.
  • You can highlight and write on your rented textbooks, but guard them against damage (stains, torn pages, spine damage, etc.) Keep your textbooks in good condition to avoid replacement charges.
  • Choose from over 1,000 titles. Currently the rental service is available in-store only.

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